About Us

Mud Motor Boots & MWD Seals

MSO Seals and Gaskets, based in Houston, Texas, strives to provide customers with a seals and gaskets manufacturer and supplier that they can rely on. MSO manufactures of its orders in-house, in Houston, Texas. Through fair prices, timely deliveries, unparalleled customer service and superior products, we have grown to become the premier custom seals and gaskets supplier.

We cater to your company’s needs. We’ve been creating superior seals and gaskets of all types for over a decade. O-Rings, O-Ring Cords, Hydraulic Seals, Oil Seals, Fabricated Gaskets, Machined Plastic Products and Custom Molded Rubber Seals are all within MSO’s scope of production, and we often create custom seal solutions for applications of all types. Serving oilfield, agricultural, and manufacturing businesses are our specialties. We also maintain an inventory of Non Asbestos, Graphite, Teflon and numerous other types of Sheet Goods.