Innovative Seal Solutions for Every Industry

Innovative Seal Solutions for Every Industry

Discover custom-engineered rubber gaskets, mechanical seals, and O-rings designed to enhance your operational efficiency.

We Provide Seals and Gaskets Since 1984

We Provide Seals and Gaskets Since 1984

MSO Seals and Gaskets, based in Houston, Texas, strives to provide customers with a seals and gaskets manufacturer and supplier that they can rely on.

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Being one of the leading Seal Manufacturers in USA since 1984, we manufacture high quality Custom rubber Gaskets, Custom Seals, Mechanical seals, O Ring Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Oil seals, U-Seals, Frac Stack & Wellhead Sealing Solutions, Urethane and Mud Motor Boots & MWD Seals. MSO Seals and Gaskets now provides frac stack service companies with the seal kits they need in order to run their operations smoothly and efficiently. So far we have had little to no competition. MSO strives to provide the highest quality seals, and exceptional customer service. We have experienced engineers on call and ready to consult and help you with your sealing solution needs.

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